1st Personal: Gravity test I.

Part I There must be a name for that feeling when you’re suspended in air, just before you crash.  Time stretches out as the reality of the situation- in this case that I am going to hit the ground- becomes crystal clear. As I was hanging in the air a foot above the horse’s shoulders ...


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Make Kindness Great Again

#RandomActsofKindness The old-English root word for kindness is “ge-cynde”.  Looks odd, but imagine that we lose the “ge” part as happened a few centuries later and are left with the “cynde”.  Think of the “c” sound as in car.    Now it makes sense.  Cynde.  Kind. Why is this important?  Cynde, in the old-English usage, ...


Organ donation myth smackdown!

*Illustration from US Department of Health and Human Services Organ Procurement and Transplant Network.  22 people die every day because they need an organ that they can’t get. 3 organ donation myths debunked: Myth: I’ll be alive when my organs are harvested. Truth:  Nope. Patients are quite dead. Physicians perform several tests to determine if ...

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